Elevate Your Boutique with the Power of Beettan Spray Tans

Unlock a Glowing New Revenue Stream

Here’s why Beettan is the perfect partner for your boutique


Boost Revenue

Tap into the ever-growing market for safe, natural-looking tans. Beettan caters to diverse clients, attracting new customers and increasing loyalty among existing ones.

Effortless Integration

No need for major renovations! Beettan offers a compact, sleek spray system that seamlessly blends into your existing boutique aesthetic.

Timeless Appeal

Whether it’s brides seeking pre-wedding radiance or everyday clients craving a confidence boost, Beettan tans never go out of style.

Profitable Potential

Enjoy generous profit margins on every spray tan – hello, happy pockets!

High-Quality Experience

Beettan is renowned for its innovative, healthy formulas and commitment to natural-looking results. Your clients will thank you for their flawless, tan-without-the-burn glow.

Partnership & Support

Beettan provides comprehensive training, marketing materials, and ongoing support to ensure your success. You’re never alone in the glow-up game!

Experience and Expertise

Over 20 years in the spray tan industry

Comprehensive and Effective Training

Industry-leading curriculum

Spray Tan Certification Packages

Add Spray Tanning to Your Boutique

Our Boutique Hub packages include certification training, digital media marketing, equipment, and much more! We get you started with everything you need.

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Get Sprouted
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This package is perfect for an established boutique.

checkProfessional & Retail Products
checkVirtual Certification
checkMobile Fuji Spray Applicator
checkSpray Tan Tent
checkDigital Marketing Materials
checkWholesale Pricing
Get Rooted Plus+
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All the essentials PLUS assistance starting your clientele.

checkProfessional & Retail Products
Best Value!
checkIn-Person Certification
checkMobile Fuji Spray Applicator
checkAdditional Applicator Gun x2
checkSpray Tan Tent x2
checkWholesale Pricing
checkDigital Marketing Materials
checkBusiness Webpage
checkOnline Booking Setup
checkGoogle Business Profile
checkIn-Person Training (We fly to your city!)
checkGrand Opening (Hosted by you, supplied by Beettan)
checkUp to 80 Free Spray Tans ( For Grand Opening)

Boost your bottom line

The sunless tanning industry is booming, with more people choosing spray tans over sun exposure. It’s not just a service, it’s an investment in your brand and your future success. Spray tans are a high-margin service with minimal overhead, meaning more moolah in your pocket.

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We make adding spray tans to your boutique easy!

Michelle tried every spray tan product and brand of equipment on the market, she learned what worked from trial and error. Her goal is to teach you the lessons she learned first-hand and place you on a path to owning your own successful spray tan business.

Can you imagine carrying around 10 spray tan shades of solution and interchanging with one gun from client to client? Also it can be very intimidating for the client to pick a shade. Let us teach you the true science behind our BEET derived DHA and how to make the spray tan process easier for both you and your future clients.

Why should I partner with Beettan?

Beettan has simplified the spray tanning process with a universal spray tan solution that suits all skin tones. We have removed the cosmetic bronzers so you’ll never have staining, or mess, need to use a barrier cream, and definitely NO ORANGE!

Beettan isn’t just a product, it’s a partnership. We provide comprehensive training, marketing materials, and ongoing support to help you launch and thrive.

18+ Years in the sunless industry

Ongoing business coaching

Ongoing spray tan product training

In network support with our in house team and Beettan Partners

Spray tan certification & master techniques

Vegan & Cruelty Free Products at wholesale pricing

Digital Marketing & Google Training

Join Our Beettan Family & Add Spray Tans to Your Boutique!

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