Beet Goes On Podcast Dating in the modern world

Dating in the modern world with Blake Lineberger

In this week’s episode, “The Beet Goes On A Date.” Our lovely host Michelle Peth is back in the dating game and ready to share her experiences with us. After receiving an assignment from her relationship coach, Michelle invites Blake Lineberger, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance at the College of Charleston, to join her on the podcast. Although this is technically their third date, Michelle and Blake dive into the nuances of modern dating and share hilarious opinions about dating apps.

In this episode, Michelle and Blake discuss their own dating experiences and provide insight into the world of online dating. They share stories about good and bad first dates and give tips for creating an attractive and honest dating profile. The pair also share their opinions on dating app etiquette, including when to swipe right, how to start a “good” conversation, and when to take things offline.

Listeners can expect a fun and light-hearted conversation about dating in the modern world. Michelle and Blake have great chemistry, and their witty banter will keep you entertained from start to finish. This episode promises to be the most unique one yet, so buckle up and get ready to laugh and learn with The Beet Goes On podcast!

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