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Best spray tans in Hogansville, GA by Amber
My Beettan Story:

My name is Amber Clark. I grew up in Sharpsburg, Georgia, but now live about 40 minutes south in Hogansville, GA. My husband and I moved to Hogansville 4 years ago, after a friend from church told us about a movement to revive the city. After a year of living in Hogansville, we were blessed to open a gym of our own! Family and community is VERY important to me. My sister ended up moving to Hogansville a year ago with her family as well. Since she moved here, she has been a big help when brainstorming what new amenities would be best for the gym. I was looking into tanning beds, when she suggested looking into Beettans. I was SO glad she did. Beettans really interested both of us because we are always trying to figure out how to become healthier. Beettans also interested me because I have a high chance of skin cancer, but I LOVE being tan. Plus, being able to put all natural products on my body rather than chemicals is most definitely a go to product for me. After leaving my career of being a Delta Flight attendant for 7 years, I decided to buy into Beettans, in order to provide for our family as well as, provide clean tanning options for Atlas members and the Hogansville community.  

Fun Facts!
  • If there were an autobiography of my life it would be titled “Where is Amber Now.” Reason being, I am always on the move, new things, different places, and my mind is always going.
  • If I were a crayon, I would be the color blue. Blue is my favorite color, there isn’t a blue shade that I have seen and not liked.
  • If I were to switch places with someone for a day, I would switch places with my cat Vader. Every time I look out the window he is on a tree or hunting or the roof. He is so adventurous, but always comes home for naps, food and love.
  • Being sick off and on the past few months has felt like a bad thing, not only because I feel so bad, but because I don’t like to be still and unable to work. However, I have felt it was good to give me time to reflect on things that may be more important than others.

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