how much does a spray tan artist make

How Much can you make as a spray tan artist?

The sunless tanning industry is booming, with more people choosing spray tans over sun exposure. This growing demand for spray tan artists has created a lucrative career path for those with the skills and passion. If you are passionate about helping people achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed glow, then a career as a spray tan artist may be right for you. With the right skills and experience, you can earn a good living and help people feel their best.

Beettan Spray Tan Chart

If you charge $50 per spray tan

Yearly income based on a 5-day week

Factors that Influence Earnings:

  1. Geographic Location: The geographical setting in which a spray tan artist operates can significantly sway their income potential. Artists in metropolitan areas or affluent neighborhoods often command higher rates due to the disposable income of their clientele. Conversely, in less populated regions, where competition may be scarcer, earnings might be more modest.
  2. Experience and Expertise: As with any profession, experience plays a pivotal role in a spray tan artist’s income trajectory. Novices may start with more humble earnings but can steadily ascend as they hone their craft and develop a loyal clientele. Expertise in advanced techniques, such as body contouring or custom airbrushing, can also command premium prices.
  3. Service Offerings: The scope of services offered can greatly affect a spray tan artist’s earning potential. Beyond basic tanning, artists who diversify their menu to include teeth whitening or cellulite reduction can tap into additional revenue streams, catering to a broader range of client needs.


The path to becoming a successful and financially secure spray tan artist is paved with artistic finesse, strategic choices, and a deep understanding of the market. By considering factors like location, experience, and service offerings, artists can navigate their journey towards a sunnier financial future in this thriving sunless tanning industry. So, aspiring artists, paint your path to prosperity, and let the golden rays of opportunity shine upon you.

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