Extend Your Sunless Tan

Extend Your Sunless Tan: Get That Summer Glow

Sunless tanners offer a safe and convenient way to achieve a beautiful bronze, but keeping that glow isn’t magic. Here’s how to make your sunless tan last:

Prep is Key:

  • Exfoliate: Before applying any tanner, use our BEETIT exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, creating a smooth canvas for the tanner to adhere to.

Flawless Application:

  • Apply Evenly: Use our mitt for a flawless application, ensuring even coverage. Blend seamlessly into your neck, hands, and feet with our Blending Butter for a natural look.
  • Let it Dry: Allow the tanner to dry completely before getting dressed to prevent transfer onto clothes.

Hydration is Essential:

  • Moisturize Daily: Daily hydration is key! Use our BEETBUTT, an oil-free and fragrance-free moisturizer, to keep your skin healthy and prevent the tan from fading faster.

Shower Smart:

  • Skip the Heat: Avoid hot water and long baths, as they strip natural oils and accelerate fading. Opt for lukewarm water and limit showers to 10-15 minutes.

Extend the Life:

  • Gradual Top-Ups: After 4-5 days, use our gradual tanning lotion to maintain your tan and extend its lifespan.

Bonus Tips:

  • Chlorine & Saltwater: Take caution! Rinse with cool water after swimming in chlorine or saltwater, as they can contribute to fading.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a sun-kissed glow all season long!

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