Do Spray Tan Technicians Make Good Money?

Ever dreamt of a career that lets you be your own boss, set your hours, and bring a touch of sunshine to people’s lives? Look no further than spray tanning! This booming industry offers a unique blend of lucrative potential and flexible work schedules, making it an attractive option for many. But is it the bronzed path to success for you? Let’s dive in and explore the sunny side up of a spray tan artist’s career.

Lucrative Potential:

Spray tanning is a premium service. Unlike traditional tanning, it’s safe, convenient, and perfect for all occasions. Skilled artists can set their rates, with sessions typically ranging from $50 to $150. Experienced artists with a loyal clientele can command even higher prices. This translates to a potentially lucrative career path.

Flexibility is Key:

One of the biggest draws of spray tanning is the flexibility it offers. Unlike a traditional 9-to-5 job, you can set your own hours. Want to work mornings or evenings to accommodate your life? No problem! This makes spray tanning ideal for those seeking a work-life balance or wanting to pursue a side hustle alongside another passion.

Beettan Spray Tan Chart

If you charge $50 per spray tan

Yearly income based on a 5-day week

Influences on earning potential:

    • Experience: As with any profession, experience pays. The more clients you tan, the faster you’ll refine your technique and potentially command higher rates.
    • Clientele: Building a loyal clientele is golden! Repeat customers mean steady income. Catering to a high-end clientele with premium pricing can also boost your earnings.
    • Hustle Factor: Are you a bookings machine? Can you fill your schedule with back-to-back tans? The more clients you see, the more you can earn.

The Sunny Side Up Isn’t All Sunshine:

Like any career, spray tanning requires dedication and hard work. Invest in quality training and certifications to hone your skills. Building a successful business requires excellent customer service to cultivate a loyal clientele.

Is Spray Tanning Right for You?

If you have a passion for the beauty industry, enjoy interacting with people, and crave a flexible schedule with earning potential, then spray tanning could be the perfect career path. With the right training, business acumen, and a touch of sunshine-fueled enthusiasm, you can turn your love for a healthy glow into a thriving career. So, are you ready to step into the world of spray tanning and create your own sun-sational success story?

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